Sunday, August 13, 2006

21 Day Challenge {Day 12}

It's funny how sometimes things just seem to fall into place and a layout comes together without too much effort. Let me explain.....I had bought this brown embossed felt square at Walmart last week knowing that eventually I would be able to use it in some cool way. It was so unusual looking and the embossed pattern reminded me of hand-tooled leather, which is what attracted me to it initially. Then the other night I saw this button ruffle embellishment used in issue #43 of this magazine and decided to try my hand at making it while watching TV. I grabbed the brown and aqua material from my fabric basket just on a whim because it happened to be right on top of the pile. Not to mention that brown and aqua is one of my favorite color combinations at the moment. {It is so easy to make - you just cut a strip of fabric and sew a row of stitching down the center of the strip. Then pull the threads to loosely gather. Finally sew on buttons to cover the stitching.} The next part of this creation occurred when I decided to write a long overdue letter to my Aunt using paper from a Lang Graphics notepad. I have always loved the cool blue color with brown aged edges of this paper, but never thought of using it on a layout....until now! I had cut the border off the top of the paper and thought to myself it would make a nice addition to some "future layout" and placed it on my desk. However, when I saw Rhonna's quote design for Day 12 using the colors and the font she used, I just knew that "future layout" was going to happen sooner rather than later! Because Rhonna's layout was the impetus for all these random elements coming together, I decided to include her design right on my page. I just love the way karma works, don't you?

P.S. Rhonna mentioned me in her post cool is that? Thanks Rhonna!!!

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Mel said...

How cool that Rhonna mentioned you in her post - that made me come visit. Love your work and good luck on the weight thing (I've been there!). Hi from New Zealand

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