Monday, August 14, 2006

21 Day Challenge {Day 14}

Day 14's page turned out to be a bit of a pep talk for me to get myself re-motivated after this morning's disappointing weigh in (see this post). It also kept me from raiding the cupboards to see what I could gorge myself with to get revenge upon the scale. I did manage to abstain though.

I haven't had much time to work on any other artwork because all my focus is aimed at this challenge and meeting my goal. I tend to be an 'all or nothing' kind of if giving all my attention to something is going to really make a difference. I WISH! After next week I will have time to get back to my other projects, like my HeART journal. (I promise, Norah!) I'm already thinking about a few ideas and techniques I want to try in it. I also want to take some time to clean out my art room a bit, as it is starting to get rather difficult to navigate around in there again. That happens every so often when I get into either a shopping mood or a creative frenzy and things don't get put away because I want everything close at hand to play with. Well, DH is home, so I better go check to see what wonderfully nutritional meal I can whip up.

Rubber Stamp from the Emerson's Humor collection at American Art Stamp.

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Sharon Tomlinson said...

Wow this pep talk page is wonderful. It seems a little different for you. I Like it. I wish I could have convienced myself that I had time to do the 21 cause I would have had the same goal as you. I stepped on the magic blinking lighted thingy this morning and shall I say...need a pep talk too.

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