Monday, August 14, 2006

21 Day Challenge {Day 13}

I am so very bummed out today. Forgot to weigh myself yesterday, but I thought it was no big deal since I have been eating properly and drinking enough water, etc. I figured I would have a pleasant surprise when I got up this morning to weigh in. I had a surprise all right....but not a pleasant one. I GAINED A POUND! How could that be when I was so diligent and faithful to the challenge? This is when I might have thrown in the towel in the past due to frustration. But thanks to Rhonna, and the other 21- day gals, I will persevere and continue on and not give up! Tomorrow is another day, right?

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Dawn said...

Hey, I hear you...I flinked out on the water yesterday..and I am noticing today.
Today is another day..we can do this! Amen?
On to #14 of the {21}~!

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