Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Journal {Day 4}

Day four's prompt was to describe what your ideal Christmas would be like. Although every Christmas is wonderful just being able to spend time with the family, I do have a "fantasy" type of Christmas that can only be experienced in my dreams. I would love to have my daughter experience Christmas as I did as a child. I try my best to keep the traditions alive and do things similar to the way we celebrated when I was young. But nothing can replace my grandmother's cooking, my grandfather's sense of humor, and my mother playing the piano as we danced around the Christmas tree (a Danish tradition). To have us all together in one room to celebrate the birth of Christ and the spirit of giving would be my idea of a perfect Christmas.

Guess what?....I've been Tagged! My friend, Sharon tagged me the other day and said the sweetest thing about me on her blog. This challenge wasn't as easy as the usual one-word-answer kind of tagging. I actually had to really do some serious thinking about these. The deal is that you have to tell six wierd things about yourself. Me? Weird? Now certain people I know would say it would be hard to narrow the list down to a mere six. Yeah, right! So here goes...

1. I don't like talking on the phone. I prefer face to face communication.

2. I dance around the house to loud music when I clean. However, it can prove to be a dangerous activity since I broke my ankle once while doing this.

3. I love to people watch. My favorite thing about going to the mall is to sit at the Starbucks cafe inside the mall and watch the parade of shoppers.

4. I have an unhealthy obsession with paper products - notecards, pads of paper, greeting cards, patterned papers, wrapping papers - I can't seem to get enough of them.

5. I do not like to be barefoot. Sandals are fine, but no bare tootsies for me.

6. I think I am quiet and reserved. My friends beg to differ.

Claudine, Donna, Lisa, PJ, Dawn, Jill - TAG, you're it girls! : )


PJ said...

What a sweet Christmas page!!! I'm game! Your weird things match me to a T!!!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Hi Jeanne.
Thanks for playing the tag game. It was my first tag. I have discovered most artist have the telephone thing going on.
OK the dancing around is a little weird. But I'm going to try it. LOL

Lisa Marie said...

I love the pictures from your Christmas journal! They're beautiful! The little ornaments you made are cool, too. Did you buy the ornament frames, or did you make them somehow?

Funky Finds said...

just found your're so creative! love all your creations. happy holidays!

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