Monday, December 11, 2006

Here's the Latest

Here is a picture of our cottage that I promised to post today. They are still working on installing the siding and porch on the front of the house, so it isn't very picturesque looking from that angle. This is the back view. The cottage is coming along, but there still is a lot of finishing work to do yet. I am finding it difficult to believe that we will be able to close on the 15th like the builder says. But then, I have never built a house and he has, so we shall see. We did buy a sofa for the livingroom today. It was on clearance and so we got a good deal on it. We still don't have a bed yet, but at least we have a place to sit down! I have been trying to buy all the little necessities that we will need for the cottage over the past several months. Things like bath towels, shower curtains, kitchen utensils, coffee maker, (can't live without my morning java), waste baskets, etc. My utility room is over-flowing right now with a huge pile of these things. In addition to that, I have been keeping all the Christmas presents I have been buying in my art room, so the house is beginning to look like a shopaholic likes here! And also, increasingly treacherous to maneuver around, Yikes!!!

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Lisa Marie said...

How awesome! Your own cottage. What a wonderful thing. Will you have your own little art room there, too? I often dream about having a little escape in the mountains somewhere...a place where I can go and relax and create...congrats on getting yours! :)

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