Friday, December 22, 2006

Three More Days - Part 2

Blogger is giving me grief this morning and wouldn't let me type anything to go along with the pictures below, so I had to post them separately. Three more days until Christmas and here are three more pages to my Christmas Journal. The Perfect Gift page was a previous prompt that I skipped a while back. The other two are Lists and Photograph Your Home. I stayed up late to complete these pages. I think I must be a little nuts to be working on the journal when I have so many things to do to before Christmas. How is everybody else's preparations coming along?

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Lisa Marie said...

This is the first year in, well, EVER that I've been completely done and ready for Christmas days in advance. Everything on my Christmas to-do list is checked off. (The only downside to this is that, with free time on my hands now, I start thinking up new things to do that make more work for me! LOL) Totally don't know how I did it, because I got a lot done. If only I could continue this trend through the new year.... :}

As always, love your pages!

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