Thursday, May 24, 2007


I am miserable. Sore, hot, achy, hard to swallow, yukky stuff in my nose, tired, swollen glands, laryngitus, etc. I have tried all the over the counter rememdies with no relief. I decided to go to the doctor today for some real drugs. There was a sign on the door which read, "Closed all day Thursday. We will reopen on Friday." WHAT? What kind of a doctor is that? The funny thing is when my husband went there on Tuesday (he had the bug first) they had a similar sign posted. So I have to put up with this miserable feeling for another 24 hours until I can get relief. I hope they don't have a new sign posted tomorrow.


Kari said...

Goodness...that's no fun. Feel better soon!!!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

ugg i had that for about a month yeah i know i didnt go to the dr and should have. hope you have better luck. chug soem orange juice and pop some sudafed

paige said...

oh i am feelin your pain, similar symptoms.
i just walked in from the clinic at my local & out in less than 40 min...who knew?
my doc had at least a two hour wait.
(not trying to rub it in, just wondering if you have a clinic at your local walgreens)
qualified for a z-pack & hopefully am on the road to recovery.
i hope you are feeling much better soon!!

paige said...

well, you were definately full of the crud if they gave you that much medicine girlie!
hopefully you too will be on the road to recovery!
take care1

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