Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Catch-Up

We're back from a weekend at the cottage feeling rested and invigorated. I had heard that getting away can work wonders on your mindset and perspective of things, but have never actually experienced it as much as I have since we built this cottage. I guess I've become a believer!

I had hoped to go to some of the antique malls while we were there, but didn't make it to any of! But I did get a new Vera Bradley purse in this pattern to replace my old favorite one in this pattern.

I was able to find time to work on some more inchies (#65 thru #96) as you can see. I brought along my inchie-on-the go kit that I heard about from Lia. In addition to the ones pictured here, I am also working on a set of red-themed inchies that I am almost finished with. And I heard that the fabric green inchie swaps from ArtErratica have been mailed out and I already know how I am going to display them.

It has been raining so much here that I am thinking of building an Ark soon. I don't like this kind of weather because it gets so gloomy looking in the house and kind of depressing. We have lots of windows and the house is usually always filled with bright sunlight. Dreary days like these are not good for the mind or body. But life is good as I signed up for some new round-robins last week, so I know where I will be spending a lot of my time in the next few weeks (or months!) regardless of the weather. Have a happy Monday!


Dede Warren said...

my goodness Jeanne, just to say the words... "at the cottage" sounds devine. how ncie to have somewhere to get a way to, and a cottage even. What could be better?

Lilli in Vancouver said...

I'm not familiar with the 'weekend at the cottage' ritual, but I do know what it feels like to get away and feel refreshed. Being away from home really gives you perspective, lets you escape your self-imposed confines :)

Lisa B. said...

The only good thing I'm finding with the rain here is that it's cooled things off sufficiently that the mornings are starting to feel like fall, and I like that! :)

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