Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall Color

Here is a digital layout that I put together this morning after downloading the free Harvest Spice kit from Shabby Princess. It's fun to play around with digital elements because it is quick and I don't have to risk my life getting supplies out of the disaster-zone I call my studio. Of course I am just trying to avoid the real work I have to take care of. I have one more page to complete on a round-robin I am participating in and I always seem to procrastinate on the last part of projects that I enjoy. I guess I don't want to see them come to an end. So today I am going to avoid the temptation to leave the house and attempt to finish up all the loose ends on several creative endeavors I have started. I will try to forget that it is a gorgeous, crisp autumn day. Forget that there are quite a few intriguing yard sales listed in today's newpaper. Forget that I have a taste for the pumpkin cheesecake at the Barnes & Noble Cafe. Forget that Target had the cutest pink princess phone in their ad this week. Forget all that and force myself get something done around here!!! Wish me luck!
P.S. Those are wild turkeys grazing with the deer in back of our cottage.


dianna said...

I do the same thing ~ put off the stuff I truly love. You hit the nail on the head...I'm sure it's because I don't want it to end either!
Love your fall colors ~ can only dream about them here... I soooo want to start trying that digital scrapbooking-my bro-in-law tells me that I don't have the program needed...grrrr. I love printing out pieces and parts to add to my projects though.
Can't wait to see some of your collage projects-I'm excited to get that book*!*

Alison Gibbs said...

Love the Digital Layout. Colours are great.

Becky Bunn said...

How fun. I don't think I would get anything done if I tried digital. I would just want to play all day:) said...

What a beautiful place to visit!

Dede Warren said...

Turkeys, and Deer, oH My!! Mr Warren would have quite the time at the cabin!!!

PJ said...

Goodluck and looks like you have gotten a few things done. I'm in that mode here...needing to stop feeling the pull of wandering around the crafts stores on my mid-day break and actually get somethings done! I love that cottage page you did it made the landscape just burst off the page! My husband was wishing the same thing...(no kids, so we could have the candy!) Ends up we only had 11!!!!

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