Friday, October 26, 2007

Keeping My Word

I did what I said - I stayed home all day yesterday working on my projects! I am finished with one, but have more to do on others. I can't believe I stayed inside with the weather being as beautiful as it was. I did go out on the deck to take photos of my project and I really didn't want to go back inside. A bit too windy to play with paper out there, otherwise I would have moved my latest mess on the dining room table out to the patio table. After I finish one more project I definitely have to get into the studio and shovel things out of there. It's a perfectly lovely creative space - all pink roses and Rachell Ashwell-ish - that is if you could actually see any of the decor. I think I just have to accept that this is going to be a constant battle for me. I was looking through Aby and Whitney's new book, The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker and I couldn't believe that there are people out there with such tidy art spaces...oh, they were gorgeous and organized. My studio is teeny-tiny and I have way too many supplies for such a small room. I read somewhere that you should treat your art supplies like your closet - if you haven't used things in the past year, chances are you probably will never use them. Only keep what you truly love! Believe me, I'm working on it. :)

Just a reminder - all my Halloween items are on sale in my Etsy Shop. You can check them out here.


Alison Gibbs said...

Jeanne, love the sneak peek of your latest art piece.
How do people have neat work spaces? I don't know - you just always seem to need so many bits and pieces in front of you to decide what you'll use.

Becky Bunn said...

Okay, you are just teasing us with bit and pieces of your work. As for throwing stuff? I have a hard time with that. I have a box full of scraps of paper and another on of fabric. You just never know what's going to work and it may be that one piece you have been hanging on to. I have thrown stuff out and regreted it later. Did you see my post with the sign that hangs in "my space"? Your are welcome to use it.

lindaharre said... have peeked my curiosity! Love the little bird cage and the books you found last night! Never saw the Amy Butler books but will be looking for them. Thanks for your kind words as always:D hugs, Linda

Babsarella said...

Love the little peek of your project!!! Good luck with cleaning and organzizing your studio. I want to do that myself, but it is quite the daunting I just have a hard time getting rid of things I might use. Maybe I just need to focus on using my stash!

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