Monday, January 28, 2008

Love is in the Air

Today I am putting the finishing touches on my Valentine Supply Swap box for my sweet friend Heather. Here is a sneak peek ~ don't want to give it all away just in case she is looking. Need to get it ready to ship along with a couple of other things that need to be mailed.

It is so nice to have a clean desk to work at and supplies organized so I don't have to tear everything apart looking for things. I still have a few items that I need to find homes for, but just having everything cleaned and sorted through makes me feel less stressed. Over the weekend I was reading Lori's blog entry about her craft closet redo. Oh my gosh, you just have to go take a peek because it is soooo amazing! I could spend my life in that closet amongst all the yummy goodies she has in there!

We are experiencing a slight heat-wave here today. Temperatures are supposed to reach 50 degrees! Of course we can't get too excited since it is only expected to last for one day ~ tomorrow will he back to the typical wintery weather. It's no wonder so many people are sick around here. Would love togo somewhere today (besides the post office) to take advantage of this one fine day. But I have a ton of things to catch up on around here since I played hookie all weekend, so I guess I'll just have to settle for the sun shining in through the window. Hope you all are having a fabulous Monday!!


Sherry said...

I'm envying you your heat wave!

Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

Oh you can bet I'm peeking. Cerri & Shosh must have rubbed off on me. I was adding more goodies to your box today too. I better pack it up and mail it off before I can't close it anymore.

Little Pink Studio said...

Hmph! Look at Heather blaming me for peeking! LOL
I love the peek of Heather's box. What I see so far is gorgeous! I need to get mine finished for Lori too!
Hey, we had 50's here today too. Looks like we may have that all week!
~Cerri xoxo

Alison Gibbs said...

Enjoy your heat wave.
Oooh your swap peep is looking interesting. Lucky Heather.

Christi said...

ahhhh, I feel better now! I have been missing my regular blog-visits so I just spent a bit looking at all your gorgeous work and listening to your awesome jazz in the background. Coming here just relaxes me and makes me feel peaceful. Thank you, Jeanne, for the escape! You are so talented! smiles...

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