Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back Home Again

We've been away for a few days. . .what a nice feeling it is to have a change of scenery and pace. I've noticed that it doesn't really seem to matter where you go, as long as you go somewhere that is away from your home. For us it is spending time at the cottage, and although there is still work to do up there, my husband refers to it as a "different kind of work." At first I scoffed at that comment, arguing that "work is still work" no matter what type of work it is. But now I have come to realize that a change of location can make even boring or routine chores seem less tasking. I can't explain it, but I think the change in location effects your mind in many positive ways.

During our time away, I had time to catch up on some reading and was able to finish this fun book everyone seems to be reading right now. Also I was able to complete several pages in my Write Place, Write Time Summer Journal, so I'll be sharing those pics with you soon.

I set up the little bistro set pictured above on the front porch of the cottage and this is where we ate our lunches, taking in the cool breezes and sunshine. I have had this little set packed away after purchasing it for a steal here many years ago. I had planned on painting it white to use here at home, but never got around to doing it. Now I'm glad I procratinated on painting it because the red looks rather nice against the grey siding on the cottage. It all folds up for easy storage so we can bring it inside when we head back home.

Heather is hosting a Summer Greeting Card Swap on her blog. We can all use an extra card or two, so why don't you stop by and check out the details.

In other news, while we were out of town my sweet friend Cerri opened up a new, cute as a button online boutique called Little Pink Studio. She has all sorts of wonderful goodies in her shop, so please stop by and take a peek for yourself.

Hope you all have a glorious weekend doing something you love!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I've tried several times to place an order through your Etsy shop, but it kept coming up with error. said...

Oh, it sounds like summer here! Great sound effects.

I just love my journal/notebook, thanks for your thoughtful gift!

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