Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vintage Wedding Mosaic

Our one and only daughter is getting married later this year. It's hard for me to believe she is old enough to be doing such a thing. But alas, she is. She will be 25 by the time the wedding takes place. We have been busy planning and making lots of decisions ~ her more than me. Today her future sister-in-law is throwing a bridal shower for her and she is so excited! I wonder if all of this will finally sink in for me as I see her opening gifts for her first home. Remember how back in our day we gingerly removed the ribbons from the packages, being careful not to break any of them because that would be the number of children you would have? Do they still play that silly game at showers or am I dating myself? And surely I must have broken more than one ribbon at my bridal showers. And wasn't that only yesterday? Where does the time go? All of you with little ones sill running around, don't blink because they grow up faster than you think!

1. Wedding gift, 2. Vintage Wedding Postcard ~ So Romantic, 3. DCP_6267, 4. Doves ring bells for Bride & Groom, 5. Vintage Wedding Cards, 6. JoAnn's wedding dress photo, 7. Vintage Wedding Wrapping Paper, 8. Vintage Postcard ~ Bride, 9. vintage wedding display, 10. Bells and Doves Wedding Vintage Card, 11. Vintage Wedding, 12. CT Wedding Cakes, 13. Wedding Rings, 14. Vintage Wedding Wrapping Paper, 15. Great Aunt Helen's wedding., 16. Beautiful vintage veil, 17. wedding day, 18. Floral Wedding Bells, 19. bridal bouquet, 20. Grace Kelly, 21. Engraved Wedding Invitation, Calligraphy by Lusana Truxell, 22. wedding motor, 23. Red Leaf Studios, 24. 1950s vintage cake topper, 25. vintage veils, 26. wedding bell detail, 27. sweet vintage white drawstring bag, 28. Vintage Postcard ~ Wedding, 29. Vintage Bridal Gown Pattern, 30. Vintage Wedding Gown, 31. Vintage Calla Lilly Bride, 32. very vintage, 33. Titian Wedding Party, 34. 1959 Wedding Card, 35. Flower Bride, 36. Vintage Wedding Postcard ~ Bride & Groom


Dawn said...

Funny you should post this mosaic...
I was in flickr this week typing in the vintage wedding category, too!
I was also looking at vintage wedding cake toppers.
For some reason (wink) I have had weddings on the brain this week.

Alison Gibbs said...

What a great mosaic.
Have fun at the wedding shower

Michele said...

First of all, congratulations on your daughter's upcoming wedding!! What a fabulous, though sentimental, time for you!!!

I also wanted to say that I LOVE the vintage wedding mosaic you made! It's fabulous!!


Dede Warren said...

Congrats to you, Mother of the bride. What a special time for you both! enjoy

Becky Bunn said...

What an exciting time. Love the vintage mosaic you put together
. Hugs to you. You may have to take a few deep breaths before it is all over.

PJ said...

Funny how they do that! All the stepping stones...mine just got her permit to DRIVE! I know you will have fun helping with the planning. I haven't been to a wedding in years, so not sure what they do! By the way I love the green quilt if I didn't comment before on it!

Andrea said...

I love the mosaic .. I love weddings and love doing the flowers for them! Come by and enter in my giveaway!

Jeanne said...

A beautiful mosaic.
Love Jeanne

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