Friday, June 13, 2008

Cozy Green Quilt

I remember the quilt, made with loving care,

Draped over the back of her favorite chair,

In my Grandmother's parlor.

~ Priscilla Schrock ~
This is not my grandmother's quilt, although I do have a wedding ring quilt which she made and used to grace the bed in her spare bedroom, where I would spend the nights on occasional weekends. This quilt is one that I bought on a recent trip up to the cottage. I liked the colors and the price was right. It usually is draped over the back of one of the loveseats in my living room. But today it just seemed like it needed to be outside draped over this bench on my patio. It looks like it's inviting me to take a break and relax with some pink lemonade and a cherry scone...won't you come join me?


dianna said...

I love those colors beautiful*!*

Michele said...

Beautiful quilt, and if I lived near you, yes, I'd come join you for some pink lemonade and a cherry scone, but alas......


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