Friday, July 11, 2008

Home Again

We're home again, for a week anyway. We left behind beautiful sunsets like this to come home to thunderstorms and 90 degree weather. Ugh! But in a week we will return up north along with our best friends from Florida. They will be our first visitors up at the cottage. I am a bit nervous about it, as I hope they will love the area as much as we do. We've been thinking about what sights to take them to - there are many. Lately we haven't had time to enjoy any of them because there is always work to be done and so little time to finish it. That is the down-side to having a second home. As romantic and dreamy as it all seems, it is another place that needs attention, just like the one back at home. But the cottage is easier to maintain because when we had it built we selected as many maintenance-free features as possible. Also, there isn't as much accumulated "stuff" up there - and hopefully there never will be. And there is less square footage to keep clean. But it's the outside that is taking up most of our time right now. All the landscaping takes time to do, especially when my husband's busiest time of the year is the spring. We finally were able to plant the wildflower seeds in the front on this last trip, which took several prior visits to prepare for this so-called low-maintenance planting. We don't want a lawn to have to mow, so we are trying the wildflowers. It will be interesting to see what comes up and how it looks in the end.


Mr. Nissan said...

i love the view

Jennifer said...

so lovely. sorry you had to leave it. i hope the wildflowers work out for you guys and good luck with the trip with your friends. i'm sure they'll love it.


ps thanks for the quote!! i love it.

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