Sunday, July 27, 2008


Image courtesy of Little Pink Studio

Isn't she adorable? This is one of the new rubber stamps that Cerri is selling in her Little Pink Studio Boutique and guess what she named this little cutie? ~ Little Jeanne Jumps Rope. I love it! Cerri didn't know this, but my childhood friend Nancy and I used to jump rope on the sidewalk for hours at a time. We would make up our own silly songs to jump rope to as well as jumping to all the classics.

I have received the Arte y pico Award from Joanna at An Altered Fairy Tale. Thank you Joanna for this wonderful honor! This award was designed to be given to bloggers who inspire others creatively. You can read more about the award here. One of the requirements after receiving this award is to pass the honor on to five bloggers that contribute creativity, design, and interesting material to the art blog community. Now that is a very difficult task if you ask me. How does one choose just 5, when there are hundreds of blogs that deserve the honor? Well, I decided to randomly select five blogs to share with you from my VERY long list of favorites I have bookmarked on my computer. Here they are:

1. Karin, of Creative Chaos, who always manages to crack me up with her hilarious stories of her family, as well as blow me away with her beautiful creations. Karin, you really should write a book!

2. Paige, of Simple Thoughts, who I think I may have bestowed a similar award to more than a year ago. Paige has a huge heart and she takes the most beautiful photographs of everyday life with her gorgeous family.

3. Lilli, of Make Mine Blissful, is my New Earth reading buddy and one of my oldest (by time, not age) blogging friends. I feel as though I have grown and learned so much from our email exchanges as well as from her artistic talents.

4. Julie, of The Adventures of Blue Girl XO, is a blog I discovered through the pages of one of the many Stampington publications. I adore the attention she pays to detail as well as the simplicity of her fabulous creations.

5. Aina, of Modern Country, makes me want to live inside every one of the photographs in her blog posts. She manages to combine clean lines and lots of white to create a vintage-contemporary style that is fresh and inviting.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jeanne!!! That just made my night! I've been here at the computer transfering all my old files onto my new computer and trying to set everything up. I JUST figured out how to get outlook on so I could get my emails....Hey...when is your Jury duty?

Little Pink Studio said...

So glad you like the stamp Jeanne! I had to name one after you, you're such a good friend! :0)
So excited about you and your daughter picking up the wedding dress! I know that is such a special time in a girl's life!
xoxo, Cerri


Many thanks Jeanne for this great Award and your incredible sweet words!! What a great way to start this day :))
Your blog is new for me, but it looks very inviting.
I hope your day will be a very good one!

Greetings, Aina

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Thanks Jeanne! You are very sweet, and it's actually the other way around too: YOU inspire ME!

paige said...

oh thank you jeanne!!
it was so funny to come home from work & find the email from you. i had been at work & had checked all my fave blogs but while i'm there it won't allow me to leave comments on anyones.
so anyway, very fun to find the sweet award from you!!
hope you are having a wonderful summer.

Anonymous said...

"Your" stamp is too adorable!! Your daughters tiara is absolutely beautiful...Enjoy the rest of your week!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

That stamp is so cute! I love that the vintage images are coming around!

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