Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope you all are doing something fun today. We just got back from the cottage so we have lots of things to catch up on around here today, but we'll be going out for dinner later tonight. How are you celebrating Valentine's Day? (Keep it clean now, girls - tee-hee!)

Angelina has some cute party favors for you over on our Joli Paquet blog here. Speaking of Joli Paquet, we had a nice "shout out" posted over on Scrap Scene thanks to Cindy.

And here's some favorite Vintage Valentine images for you to enjoy - thanks to Flickr!

1. Vintage Valentine's Day Card, 2. Vintage Valentine's Day Card, 3. Vintage Valentine's Day Card, 4. Vintage Diecut Valentine--40s?--So I Ain't Good lookin'. So What?, 5. Vintage Diecut Valentine--Come on Big Boy! Elephant, 6. Vintage Diecut Valentine--Love on the Line, 7. Vintage Valentine's Day Card, 8. GC_loving_greetings_valentine, 9. accordvday, 10. Vintage Valentine, 11. Vintage Valentine's Day Postcard, 12. Vintage Valentine's Day Postcard, 13. GC_victorian_teacher_valentine, 14. VALENTINE........1970'S, 15. cutie, 16. vintage valentine


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Happy Valentine's day to you too!! I just love all those wonderful vintage valentines' you have shared with us--so cute!

Well, my Sweetheart and I actually did our Valentine dinner last night--we went out for steaks and champagne and uninterrupted conversation! It was lovely.

I have to work today and then my daughter and I will go rent some good romantic comedies and get into our jammies, make popcorn, and have a girl's night.

Have a lovely day!
Smiles, Karen

Jessi Nagy said...

happy hearts day!!

Unknown said...

Happy valentine's Day! Loving that bluebird!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day! The vintage valentines are so cute. Loved the tutorial in the previous post.

PJ said...

I just love all those! My mother kept my valentines from 1st grade and some looked like a couple of them!

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