Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine Wrap Up

Just thought I would give a final Valentine wrap up with some pics I haven't shared with you yet.
I was lucky enough to find this adorable vintage Whitman's Chocolate box at a resale shop. I plan to keep it out all year long because it's just so pretty!
I mentioned in an earlier post that I participated in Natalea Kandefer's Vintage Valentine Ornament Swap and I received the most magical ornies in return. I put them all on my white feather tree which I have in my front hallway. I love them so much I hate to have to take it down. So I think I will move the tree to my studio and call it my "Tree of Love" so I can admired the tiny works of art a bit little longer.
Here are the links to the talented ladies who participated in this swap: Natalea Kandefer (hostess), Cindy Gilstrap, Kathy Jacobson, Sandy Michelle, Alisa Jane, Lee Weber, Vivian Neroni, Tammy Lucik, Heather Rowley, and Sarah Keith. Thanks so much for all these treasures girls!
Another swap I participated in was Heather Bluhm's Valentine Card Swap. Heather has hosted a couple other card swaps and it's a great way to get some original artwork greeting cards instead of buying store bought cards.
This was a 6 for 6 card swap - you make six and you get 6 back. Here are the creators of the cards I received: Heather Bluhm, Ellen Mueller, Geralyn Gray, Deanna Huggard, Jessica Rodarte and Liane. Hugs to all you gals for playing along!


Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Jeanne that heart box is beautiful.
I have just caught up on my tags for 52Q.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your tree of ornaments and what a great idea to put it in your studio! I may have to do that too. I haven't had a chance to post photos of mine so thanks so much for showing them off!

vivian said...

jeanne, Your tree looks great! I wouldnt want to take it down either. I need another tree to put all mine on. I hung then and set them on a ladder hung sideways in my draft room.. theres a picture somewhere on my blog! It was a fun swap. I'm dying to see what everyone does for their eggs! I've recieved 3 packages so far.. only 34 to go!
have a great night!

The Other Side of Me said...


Where did you get your tree? I have been looking for a white one to decorate all year round like you have done. It is so wonderful with all of the valentine's on it. I love your blog and I have added you to my favorites list. Maybe we will be swappers in Viv's egg hunt swap!
See you soon,

Unknown said...

The orni swap was so much fun! What a great idea to keep your love tree up all year round! Thanks for your adorable ornament Jeanne!
Sandy xo

Anonymous said...

It's all so adorable! Love that pink valentine box.

I was just scrolling through and enjoying your Flickr much inspiration!!!

Karin said...

I was so happy I got one of your cards! Love the chocolate box. Isn't it amazing that they nmade them like that back in the day.....

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

The tree looks fabulous!!! I LOVE my ornament from you too! Such a fun swap!

Anonymous said...

Love the ornament tree! I have the same tree and am getting ready to put my Easter Swaps on it!

Anonymous said...

love all the ornaments on the tree! just lovely Jeanne!
xo natalea

Alisa Noble said...

Your tree looks wonderful with all of the ornaments on it!
It was a fantastic swap!

Donna Layton said...

What lovelies:)

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