Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heart In Hand

I'm sure many of you know about Rebecca Sower's efforts to raise money for the earthquake victims in Haiti. Many times when there is a tragic event like this, there is an immediate out-pouring of generous donations, which is so appreciated by the victims. And then as the news coverage fades and other news stories take over the headlines, the donations seem to taper off.
It's important to remember when catastrophes like this happen it takes years for a country to recover and rebuild.
While thinking about what I could do to help, I read that Rebecca was setting up a special Blog and Etsy Shop called Haiti by Hand to help those in need in that country. I let it stew in my brain for a few days and eventually came up with the Hope for Haiti collage above as my tribute to the people of Haiti. You can read more about it in the listing for it at the Haiti by Hand shop here.
There is a whole host of beautifully handmade items in the Haiti by Hand shop, as Rebecca shows in this mosaic she has made. I love that we are able to use our passion for art to help those in need.
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natalea said...

I just bought it!! great piece Jeanne! I've been wanting to make something special for the shop but since I haven't yet, I can at least buy something to contribute!
I love it because everytime i look at it I will be reminded of the people of Haiti. I am going to hang it up in my classroom where I teach refugees- they will like it. Hope you are well, xo natalea

Margaret said...

So great that the creative community can support the people of Haiti. Thank you for the link. Mx

Geralyn Gray said...

What a nice post for a great cause. I love love the ribbon cakes from your swap.....they are all beautiful! I just blogged about our valentine tag swap and I hope you stop by to say hi!

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