Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I'm taking a break from the craftiness and going to see this today. I cannot wait! My friend Nancy and I used to watch the television show all the time when we were kids. She had the same last name as the TV family, so I am sure that was our initial attraction. I am anxious to see this guy. . .
Nathan Lane plays the patriarch of the family, Gomez. Bebe Neuwirth (of Cheers and Chicago fame) plays his wife Morticia. The story line revolves around the daughter, Wednesday. This is the Addams Family's last week here in Chicago before it moves on to Broadway.
While we're downtown, I want to stop in at this store and then afterwards we'll have dinner at here.
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Lori said...

i watched that too when i was young...have fun Jeanne!!!

vivian said...

I loved watching the addams family! Now I have the song going through my head! Hope you had a great day!

dear jane said...

Hey Jeanne Happy New Year! Getting caught up on your blog and all the amazing things you have been creating!!! I will say it again I love your blog! Excellent! Have a wonderful time at the theater. I think Nathan Lane is sooo funny and talented!

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