Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Beautiful Inspiration

A friend sent these photos to me. These beautiful sculptures created by Bruno Torfs I am told are nestled amongst a rainforest setting in the village of Maryville in Australia. They are beautiful, whimsical and fascinating and the attention to detail is amazing!
What a talented artist . . . enjoy and be inspired!

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Kateyed said...

Oh, my gosh, Jeanne. I am blown away. We were there with our daughter (and a friend) about fifteen years ago. We all have forgotten the name of the artist and the town but we all speak of it as one of the most incredible places we have ever seen. I am so glad to know the name of the artist again, and the little village. I think it wasn't terribly far from Sydney. What I remember most is that is seemed alive. The creatures were carved into the trunks in many cases and just sprung right out. I bought my friend a little gnome necklace there...I wish I had bought one for myself. The flight took forever. Jud had a teaching job so a lot was paid for and we stayed in B and B's and at a sheep ranch. Wonderful, wonderful time.
Thank you! This is so exciting. Jud recognized it right away. I can't wait to show Kat and her friend, Megan.

PJ said...

Thanks for sharing! Beautiful sculptures. I think if I was walking along a path and saw a few I would be taken back though ;)they are beautiful!

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