Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a Way To Spend a Tuesday!

Guess what I'm doing on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon??? Spending it with Mr. Plumber who is in my laundry room right now trying to fix the pipe that burst on Saturday while I was at the grocery store. He's been here almost two hours so far. I'm starting to worry about what this is going to cost me. Yikes! Old houses are a pain in the you-know-what. That's why I like our cottage home because it's new and less likely to have things go wrong. Until it becomes old too eventually. My DH used to be able to fix these kinds of things, but alas, I now must call on the professionals since he isn't here to do it anymore. I must admit, I kind of took for granted all the things DH could do. He was quite a handy hubby. And don't you just know now that he's not here anymore EVERYTHING is probably going to break! I sure hope not. The good news is, my laundry room got a thorough cleaning after I found the shut-off valve and stopped the water.
I sure hope you are having a more delightful day than I am.
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Suz said...

Sorry, Jeanne, that you are having a bad day. Jud is not so handy but he knows who to call. I am trying to learn so many things in this short time...the biggest being finances!
I just saw that you are going to be in Gallery!! Horray for you. That is one of my favorites! think you better make something while you are waiting!!!
Big hugs,

Becky Shander said...

I hope all is dry and back in order by now. And I saw your elegant and playful "Boo" card in Gallery...thanks for mentioning it.

kandeland said...

sorry to hear it Jeanne..I know the feeling of having to be on your own in a house and have things happen that you just don't want to even think about! but I have to admit that I did have to smile picturing you taking a photo of the plumber's truck! I hope he didn't see you! haha!! only us bloggers....!!
xoxo nat

vivian said...

aww Jeanne.. that just sucks! I know you miss your hubby. its probably harder in times like that. Well thank god for the handy repair man. they just shouldnt cost sooo much ya know?!
I hope today is a better day and that you get to do somethign fun.

PJ said...

Well, I just know that your husband is very proud that you are handling this little surprises as they arise! definately nothing wrong with calling the professionals to take care of it -it's like my broken garage door spring...HA $157 later :) Love your little furry guests that you are watching :)

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