Sunday, June 05, 2011

Tail Wagging Fun

This weekend I am having a much better time than I was last weekend (see previous post). I am dog-sitting for my two sweet grand dogs, Shooter and Hank. They are the best dogs ever!
I decided to snap a few photos of them while they are here,
but that is much easier said than done.
Trying to get two dogs to stay still at the same time is no small feat.
My daughter is able to capture all sorts of pictures of the two of them posing quite nicely for the camera. But not me . . . .
One or the other is always out of focus.
Ahhh finally. . . .Here is a nice shot of Hank.
But the best way to capture them on film is . . . .
. . . while they are sleeping!
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vivian said...

Aww you have such sweet company! they are adorable. have fun Jeanne!

Margaret said...

oh what fun, they are adorable!! now just how much did you get done with those two around??!! Mx

Suz said...

They are so sweet, Jeanne! I have two dogs, too. They keep each other company!

Ella said...

I love hounds; great photos they are adorable! I have a crazy beagle; he doesn't howl often, but when he does we listen!

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