Monday, June 13, 2011

A Beautiful Way to Spend a Sunday

Yesterday I went to a wonderful art gallery to watch artist Tom Nachreiner demonstrate his plein air oil painting techniques. If you look closely, the canvas he is painting on is
upside down.
Above is the photograph he is painting from. Tom says that starting the background of his paintings upside down allows him to not get bogged down with the details of the photograph and concentrate only on the basic shapes.
Here is his painting (still a work in progress) shown right side up.
Part of the art gallery is located in the woods, which creates a beautiful natural backdrop for some of the sculptures.

Signature w/rose


kandeland said...

what a lovely day! enjoy your week Jeanne! xo

Suz said...

Thanks for filling me in on plein air painting. I have heard the term but did not know what it meant. What a gorgeous garden! A perfect way to spend Sunday!
Big Hugs,

Becky Shander said...

Art in the outdoors...indeed a lovely Sunday.

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