Tuesday, August 16, 2011

County Farm

Last time I went to our cottage, I stumbled upon this meticulous 14 acre farmette with freshly painted red barns and out-buildings. The owner was having a impromtu tag sale at the time which which is what caused me to stop. The owner was so friendly and generously allowed me to wander around the property. This particular barn intrigued me as it was so picturesque with the tire swing in the foreground.
I walked closer, past the "bunk house" on the right which the owner had fixed up as a playhouse, complete with bunk beds, for her grandchildren. It was adorable!
The barn even had a cozy patio area out in front to sit and enjoy the fresh country air.
And this whimsical fella guarding the door!
Signature w/rose


vivian said...

what a sweet place! I wish I were more ambitious! lol! my yard is a disaster!
hope all is well

Suz said...

Beautiful, Jeanne. It just sparkles!

Margaret said...

fab place! I want to be there!!

I've enjoyed catching up on your photo challenge posts, some great shots, love game night!


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