Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Monday!

I didn't plant many flowers this year. Landscaping and gardening was my DH's domain. I did plant a few annuals in hopes of having a pop of color in the front yard, but they didn't grow with the same vigor and beauty as they did when he planted them. Of course a summer that began with dry, hot temperatures which has now transformed into a cool, wet one certainly hasn't helped the flora in my backyard thrive. The cherry tomato plant, which I carefully transported back and forth from the cottage, still doesn't have a single tomato on it! However, I was delighted to see this small stand of Rudbeckia which my DH planted years ago poke their sunny yellow flower heads out from behind some mystery perennial. :)
Day 15 of Natalea's August Photo Challenge is "One of Your Collections." It was difficult to decide which of my many collections I should photograph. Eventually after much deliberation, I decided upon this collection of hand-carved folk art bunnies. I used to go to a very nice craft show held each year in my town and always bought one of these adorable pieces made by artist Sue Parsons. (Sorry, I couldn't find a link for her)
Love them!
Signature w/rose


Suz said...

Oh, Jeanne,
"Domains." I could write a whole page on that already. There are so many domains that are Jud's and I worry about taking them over! The flowers do look lovely and I adore your collection. Those are the funniest little bunnies and have so much personalities.
Holding you in my heart,

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

The flowers are so pretty and love your collection of bunnies! Hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs!

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