Friday, June 16, 2006

21 Day Challenge {Days 4 &5}

These are my Days 4 & 5 for Rhonna's 21 Day Challenge. I went sort of earthy with the color palette this time. And I added some doodling to the top of the page {shown below} while I was chatting on the phone with my friend from Florida tonight. I have to say that I haven't done much sorting through any of my stuff yet, but that will change over the weekend. I am trying to get myself psyched up to do that. That is the hardest part of everything, isn't it? I do have some motivation that I found out about today. Our neighborhood is going to have a garage sale in one week. Yipee! A means to unload a lot of my things and get money for it as well. The timing couldn't have been better. Now if I can just motivate myself to fill up some boxes to take to the garage, then I will be home free!


PJ said...

boy I'm behind! Loved looking through your 'colors' and love your style of your last few journal pages!

Lilli said...

Wow! I'm in awe :)

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