Friday, June 30, 2006

Back to Square One

Why is it that just when things seem to be going along swimmingly, the bottom falls out and you are once again treading water back in the same old place again? Everything you thought you had gained or changed or learned really is no different from the way it was in the beginning. I am feeling frustrated, discouraged and disappointed. Sorry.... I just had to vent.

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Sharon Tomlinson said...

Hope all is OK today. We just need to get started on our Heart Journal. I'm getting close. I have one last spread in the very back of my BOD and I'm going to do that tomorrow. It may be a quickie as I have my quote ready...just waiting for a little inspiration. I have my book for my heart journal and have started a little prep. I'm sure not going to spend as much time on it as the BOD. It will be neat. A couple of my friends here (don't have blogs) are going to join me too. Maybe I can post some of their pages too.
I enjoy your comments.

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