Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

I got my hair cut today. I think I made a mistake. I look like the little Dutch Boy on the can of paint. Too late now though. Of course this isn't the most flattering picture either. It is a bit freaky looking with the before and after shots morphed together. It makes me look even weirder than I usually look! I guess I could have gussied up a bit also before taking the photo. You know, the way we redo our hair right after we return from the salon because we don't like what the stylist did to it. Oh well, it's only will grow back......eventually.....right???


Sharon Tomlinson said...

My DH thinks I'm the only one who does the redo thing after a trip to the beauty shop.

PJ said...

I think it looks great! Does your hair curl naturally at the end?

Jeanne said...

pj, my hair has a natural wave to it, but it does need the assistance of a curling iron to make it curl the same on both sides.

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