Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's that time of the year when we look ahead to a brand new year and a fresh new start. . .A CLEAN SLATE, as we refer to it. I'm putting together my list of resolutions and goals during these last few days of 2007. I write them in a Goal Journal that I started several years ago. It is fun to look back and see what I wrote in past years and which goals I achieved and which ones I am still working on. The key is to LOOK at them often throughout the year. Better yet, post the list on your inspiration board or refrigerator or tape it to your desk so you see the list EVERYDAY. I'm looking forward with anticipation to whatever excitement 2008 has in store for me. The possibilities are endless and all we have to do is set our sights in that direction.

I received a newsletter the other day from Sandra Magsamen, author of "Living An Artful Life," in which she talked about making "conscience choices for conscious living." Sandra focused on the word BE as she looks toward the new year.

BE You
BElieve in Yourself
BE Passionate
BElong to Something You Believe In
BEgin Today
BEcome What You Dream To BE
BEdazzle With Your Smile and Laughter
BEhave Like It's Your Last Day on the Planet

Sandra also included this great inspirational quote from Eleanor Roosevelt:

"I believe, with all my heart, that we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes."

As I was blog-hopping today, I ran across some wonderful SARK-inspired goal sheets that Lia from ArtJunk Girl designed and posted on her Flickr Page. These are a fun way for you to list your goals. You can check them out here.
Whatever goals and/or resolutions you decide upon, AIM HIGH and don't sell yourself short. With each other's support, I know we WILL achieve them!
UPDATE: USC Creamed Illinois 49-17 (Boo-Hoo!)


Alison Gibbs said...

Great post Jeanne.
Celebrate 2008.

Little Pink Studio said...

Happy New Year Jeanne!!
I hope all of your wishes come true for 2008!!
~Cerri xoxo

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Happy 2008 Jeanne! May this year be filled with more crafty inspiration than ever before!

Mercedes said...

I love it this inpirational things, because they are true. Good idea for your resolution journal .
I love Enya since she started and her music is in my needlework too, just some of the same songs,lol.
thanks so much for your comment on my art blog. it´s important for me.

PJ said...

oh, my...THIS has stopped me in my tracks! I have copied that 'BE' and ready to print it out and put it in my cubby at work...it's open, so I know everyone will read it, too! THIS IS AWESOME!

Casii said...

Happy New Year! I'm still working on setting my goals for the year. Thank you for the inspiration!

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