Friday, July 03, 2009

AFF:Part One:Art Studio Journal

Oh what fun we had at ArtFiberFest...Oh, I'm so sorry to bore you by repeating that comment over and over again. But it truly was the best! I highly recommend that you try to attend an Art Retreat, even if it is right in your home town (right Tammy and Linda?) because it is so inspiring and you leave with so much excitement and renewed energy. 
My first workshop was taught by the talented Roxanne Padgett. Roxanne is super organized and brought a wealth of supplies and let us use them all. Not to mention the cute hand stenciled folder filled with goodies she put together for us.
Roxanne taught workshops on all three days and the one I took was called Art Studio Journal. In a way these journals reminded me of those cloth books we had as toddlers with all the interactive features. However, this one was for grown up artists with pockets and places to hold art supplies to carry along with you.  
Pockets, pockets, and MORE pockets. I think we were secretly trying to see who could create the most pockets inside our books. The page above features removable tags to hold fibers and a palette of watercolor crayons along with a paintbrush so you'll ever be without paint.
I had a bear of a time with my little Janome sewing machine in this class. As everyone else's machines were purring along quietly, mine was chug-a-chug-chugging the whole time in between the bobbin thread jamming up and my muttering choice words of frustration. I hope I didn't annoy too many of my classmates! Thank goodness for Reenie, who sat next to me and used her magic touch to get the machine moving again.....for a while anyway!
I used one of my needle-felted flowers on this page and made a note pad of paper back at the dorm to fit inside one of the pockets. There's even a place to slip in a pencil on the left side!
I used a lot of Amy Butler fabrics in constructing this journal. Love her fresh graphic designs and nature inspired color palette.
Here we are all working away on our various journals. Thanks so much to Suzanne who sat at the table behind me and let me borrow her pinking shears. Suzanne always comes prepared!

Next time I'll show you what I made in Charlotte Lyons workshop on Day Two!


Lori said...

Jeanne, your journal looks amazing...what a great concept too, to make a journal for holding your supplies...the fabrics you used are so pretty...i love Amy Butler too...sorry you had so much trouble with your sewing machine, that must have been so old sewing machine was like that, i think that is why i developed a sewing aversion!!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Jeanne what a wonderful class that must have been. I wish we had a retreat like that here in my area of Austraia

m i c h e l l e said...

Your journal is so luscious! Love the fabric, colors and mood! Just so vibrant! Hope you had a great time in PDX! So sorry I didn't know you were gonna be in my town...I would have come to Vendor Night just to stalk you! :-)

Reenie Hanlin said...


What a great post.... it was a pleasure to meet you ... and fun to work next to you and your stubborn machine.


Holly Loves Art said...

Your work is fantastic! Fiberfest must had been wonderful and the class looks like so much fun. I've only been to Artfest, back in '07. It was amazing. I love your journaling below too. Very beautiful! Happy 4th!

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