Wednesday, July 08, 2009

ArtFiberFest Round-Up

Just wanted to post some miscellaneous photos from ArtFiberFest before I close the chapter on this inspiring retreat. Above is a pic of the front of the registration packet. All those felt "orbs"  (Fiberfest's theme this year) look like they'd be fun to make.
I put together this little photo album, featuring some hand-stitching and my perfected French knots, thanks to some how-to tips from Ruth Rae. I used Ellen's tutorial from our spring Joli Paquet blog here to make the album.
I bought this sweet little needle book from Charlotte who was selling them at the Vendor Marketplace on Friday night. It was a cinch to put together. I think she may still have a few of them left here.
Here's a photo of the beautiful campus at Reed college. Trees and other lush plants abound!

Relaxing and patiently waiting for the cafeteria to open for breakfast.
Here we are at our "tree house" table after breakfast. Two stories up, the view was amazing!
(Clockwise around the table, starting at the left: Me, Linda, Tammy, Juanita, and Cindy)
Linda and Cindy in the dorm. I love how some of the girls made their rooms all comfy-cozy with quilts and pillows from home.
Juanita and Lori hanging out in the kitchen of Bidwell Dorm. The dorms were brand new and beautiful...makes me want to go back to college again!
Make room! - The Queen (AKA Lory) has arrived, wearing a crown made in Alisa Burke's Creating Royalty class and scarf from Mary's Felt Collage workshop.
Rice Freeman-Zachery showing off the latest addition to her wine bottle installation.

Show and Tell Night was held in each of the three dorms on Saturday night. It was so much fun to see everyone's creations on display.
Tracie showing off one of the topsy-turvy dolls from Roxanne's class.
Here is Linda's funky rug hooked bird (nicknamed Bobby Dax) made in Mary Stanley'sworkshop.
Tammy posing by her Enchanted Felt Cottage made in Charlotte Lyon's class.
Texas friends and travel partners, Juanita and Cindy. It was so fun to finally meet some of my cyber-friends.
Thursday night we attended Mini Workshop Demos held in each of the dorms. (Yes that fireplace is in the dorm - times sure have changed since I went to college!) Reenie Hanlin showed us how to knot knit with her beautiful hand-spun yarns and fibers. 
Charlotte Lyons showed us how to make this darling little mini cottage.

And Pam Garrison showed us how she makes her gorgeous "Anthropologie Inspired" coffee filter garlands.
Sunday came way too soon and it was time to say our good-byes and leave our beautiful setting in Portland. Time to return home with our heads full of wonderful inspiration and memories. Thank you Teesha and Tracy for a truly remarkable experience! 
As we flew out we could see a glimpse of Mount Hood in the foggy distance. Back home to the reality of laundry, dishes, and the drudgery of everyday life. But not for long! We are heading off to our cottage later today to spend some time with our friends who are visiting from Florida. I'm hoping to put together a new journal before we leave so I can work in it while we are gone. 


Lori said...

Jeanne, it looks like you had a really great time...everyone looks like they are so fun...the album you made is SO pretty!!! your stitching is adorable!!!

have fun at the cottage:)

terry said...

thanks so so much for sharing your lovely work from your retreat. it is truly beautiful.terry

PJ said...

Oh, what fun it looked like! Everyone seemed so wonderful and fun! love the music background to show off some work ;)

Alison Gibbs said...

Jeanne what a wonderful time you girls had. Love the album
Come by my blog and enter my giveaway

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

Oh Jeanne I love your little album you stitched up! How cute is that?!!! Wonderful photos and I miss you gals and the tree house!

Unknown said...

hi Jeanne,

Thanks for the wonderful memories! It was great spending time with you at the airport...we'll stay in touch now, I'm sure!

Connie said...

What a fun time! Love all the stitching! Thanks for sharing! xo, connie

Little Pink Studio said...

Such beautiful girls! I love all of these photos Jeanne!
xoxo, Cerri

Lori S-C said...

Your blog is so wonderful! It was wonderful to spend time with you at AFF! I look forward to doing it again!


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