Monday, July 06, 2009

AFF:Part Three:Keepsake Legacy Album

On Saturday I took the lovely Ruth Rae's Keepsake Legacy Album workshop. Poor Ruth was feeling under the weather for the entire time she was at AFF. But that didn't stop her from teaching a fabulous class. Plying herself with medication, throat lozenges, funny tasting tea and kleenex she was a real trooper!
I enjoyed learning different techniques to create a legacy album with bits and pieces of ephemera, both originals and representations. We learned that free-form stitching cane be done on our sewing machines using regular presser foots. I used a photo of my grandmother's family on the cover of my album which I am going to use to commemorate the ancestors of our family tree.
Ruth taught us to make pockets and tags and other compartments to hold photos and ephemera related to the subject.
Old lace and vintage papers combined with newer fabrics and trims, dyed, burned and heated to look old created some amazing pages.
Here Ruth is showing us how to bind or album. 
All the cold medication was making Ruth giddy and silly! Here she is with Penney, who taught me that turning your tension knob ever so slightly can make the difference between a smooth running sewing machine and a chugga-chugga sounding sewing machine. 
Penney also was my partner in crime when it came to any technique that involves heat and a burning candle!


Lori said...

how beautiful Jeanne!!! and so sweet that you are using it for family memories...i love the shades of blue you have been using lately...

Margaret said...

what a beautiful keepsake, so gorgeous! I just want to reach into the screen and pick it up! M

Little Pink Studio said...

Your book looks fantastic, did you finish it?
This would have been my favorite class, I'm sure. Looks so fun!
xoxo, Cerri

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