Saturday, July 25, 2009

Garden Arbor

This collage shows some of the beautiful varieties of Clematis growing up and over the arbor constructed just for them.

At the other end of the arbor was this serene sitting area lined with mosaic benches created by different artists.


Lorrie said...

Beautiful benches - serene location.


Chris said...

Love the flowers, benches and beautiful gardens. I have a thing for gardens. Looks like you do too. Please feel free to stop by my blog to see some of my floral favorites.
Best wishes,

Alison Gibbs said...

Jeanne what a wonderful spot. How lovely it would be to sit on one of those mosaic benches. They are so gorgeous. Such a peaceful looking area

vivian said...

I need a personal gardener.. and well were at it, a maid and laundress too! oh and wait .. a cook, one who makes delicious, yet calorie and fat free meals.. three times a day. and as long as I'm still dreaming here, I'll take a personal trainer.. a pool and a pool boy! Id settle with just the pool boy, but he would look out of place with out a gorgeous pool to work on!
ok.. love all the garden pictures!

PJ said...

Ohhh, the moasics are absolutely awesome!

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