Monday, November 01, 2010

The Morning After

Did you all have a fun Halloween? We didn't have one single trick-or-treater come to our door! Can you believe that? Well, that's ok - there's more candy for my DH and I - not that we need all those extra calories. We didn't buy that much candy to begin with because it seems like there are fewer and fewer goblins coming around each year. It's kind of sad :(
But we did have these two cuties stop by wearing their Halloween attire. Hank was a hot dog this year.
And Shooter was a big orange pumpkin. They were so disappointed that no kids came by to see them in their costumes. But they went home with Busy Bones, so they forgot about the lack of visitors real quick!
Now it's time to take down the Halloween decor and start crafting and decorating for Thanksgiving. By the way, all Halloween items in my Etsy Shop have been marked down - be sure to check the sale out by clicking here.
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koralee said...

Sooo cute...I just want to hugs these little guys.

We had oooodles of treaters...ran out of hoo.

Happy November! xoxo

vivian said...

hi jeanne, we only had 4 trick or treaters.. 2 neighbor kids, my daughters girlfriend brought her little boy and a friend of mine brought over her grandson! thats it! I sort of miss all the trick or treat hub bub!
the dogs look cute! I tried to put a little witch hat on a couple of the kittens but they were freaking out mewing which caused the parents to freak out.. so needless to say, I didnt get any good pictures!
have a great week!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Jeanne, I saw this post on my google reader and meant to come over sooner... your dogs are just the CUTEST little things!!! Sorry you didn't have any trick or treaters. From someone who has a TON, it would be so nice to not have to buy all that candy! I know my MOm always wishes she would have some and prepares with the big candy bars in cute bags every year, but she is lucky to get one or two.

have a happy week!! xoxo

Becky Shander said...

What adorable dogs, and I especially love the photo of them huddled together, looking wistfully through the glass door. Whenever our dog, Mac hears the school bus coming at the end of the day, he always rushes to our front door with great excitement (he loves to be the first one to greet Brook.) Dogs are the best!

Anonymous said...

The beagles are adorable, we have 3 and ours would NEVER put up with costumes! Great projects in the Stampington Holidays magazine.

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

We didn't have many either. But we are in a new neighborhood that is still being built out so we weren't expecting too many. Oh my gosh, the pups are TOOOOOOO cute!!!!!

Unknown said...

Your pups are just too cute! Have a happy happy Thanks giving!


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