Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Shopping

Mary Gulbrantson (aka Urban Farmgirl) recently opened a new shop in Rockford, IL. Mary usually sells vintage furniture pieces at various markets around the area. But she wanted a place where she could sell the "smalls" she loves as well, so when the opportunity to rent this awesome store front presented itself, Mary jumped right in.
I simply had to make the trek out to visit this shop for myself. Urban Farmgirl has already had two sales and I've been to both of them! The merchandise is ever changing so the shop always stays fresh.
The interior of the shop is amazing to look at. You can see more photos of it on Mary's blog here.
While I was at Urban Farmgirl last week, they were putting together this "Merry Christmas" banner by using some cards they sell from a vintage child's game. So simple and yet such a great idea.
I bought some of the cards to create my own banner which says "Merry Everything" so I can keep it all all year long.
All you do is punch two tiny holes at the top of each card and string the cards on baker's twine and it's ready to hang. Easy-peasy!
Signature w/rose

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