Thursday, December 06, 2012

Crafting While Decorating

I've been slowly decorating my home for Christmas and crafting at the same time. I make something and then display it and then go make something else. It's kind of an unorthodox way to decorate, but that seems to be the way I end up doing it every year.
I'm taking Christy Tomlinson's 12 Artsy Ornaments of Christmas e-course. She has a whole new line-up of projects from last year's e-course of the same name. I loved that class and this one is just as fun.
This wreath project was taught by Jaime Soucy and it is made entirely of coffee filters! Of course I've  altered the filters with bright red polka dots (I adore polka dots!). I hung it on the door of my kitchen cabinet using one of those hooks (I got mine for $2.99 at HomeGoods) made for hanging a towel or potholder. It's made specifically to fit over your cabinet door or drawer, so it was perfect for hanging a wreath. In addition to the bronze, they also are available in white, chrome and stainless to match your kitchen
Signature w/rose


kandeland said...

Wanted to tell you that your sweet ornaments arrived! love them! and thank you so much for the little sweet red house! have a great weekend Jeanne, xo nat

Lisa said...

I decorate the same way! I see a space that needs something that I don't have and set to work (and make a huge mess in the process...)
Have fun in the class ~ I hope you'll post pics of all the things you make. :)

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