Monday, December 24, 2012

Hey Doll!

One last post on Christmas crafting before taking a break to celebrate Christmas with my family. These Matryoshka Doll ornaments are another result of taking Christy Tomlinson's 12 Artsy Ornaments of Christmas e-course. I got so many good ideas and inspiration from taking this course both this year and last year, that I highly recommend taking the course if she offers a third round next year.
I love the color combination of red and turquoise. It's a contemporary spin on the more traditional red and green Christmas color palette. I bought a bunch of gift bags, tissue and tags from Target in the red and turquoise theme, so it seems to be really big this year. So I decided to paint my Matryoshka Doll ornaments in these colors. Have you been able to guess what I used as the base for these little cuties?
It's a light bulb! What a great way to up-cycle your burned out bulbs! Maybe next year Christy will teach us how to make something out of those curly CFL light bulbs :)
Signature w/rose

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