Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bird Watching

Every year we have a family of birds that sets up housekeeping in the little bird house on this garden chair right outside our front door. It is a curious place to build a nest mainly because our front door has a lot of traffic going through it everyday. Nonetheless, the bird family returns, year after year to make this their happy home. It is fun to watch (and listen to) them prepare the nest inside the bird house. We find all sorts of nest-building debris on the stoop during this creative process. After a while, we start to hear lots of noisy tweeting from the papa bird who keeps watch over his home from a distance making sure no one disturbs his family. And soon after that we hear the gentle chirping of the hungry baby birds waiting for mama to feed them. It always amazes me that there is enough room in that tiny bird house to hold both mama and her babies. Anyway, it is a small annual event that occurs every year at our house keeping us all entertained.

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