Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sew Cute!

It's been a while since I did any blogging. I've been just trying to catch up on some things around the house. Also, my internet connection has been giving me trouble....AGAIN! I must be the only person I know that is lamenting about giving up my AOL dial-up service. But honestly, it was so much more reliable than what I have now.

I worked on this simple scrapbook page today as week 21's assignment from Donna Downey's Big Picture Scrapbooking Class. I believe the assignment was "friends" but somehow I got sidetracked into making a sewing theme. I just bought a cute little sewing machine, that Miss Donna recommended and it is absolutely perfect for small craft projects like this. I do have a monsterously {is that a word?} heavy old Kenmore sewing machine, which happens to be buried somewhere in my storage room downstairs. But even if I could unearth it, it is much too big for my tiny studio and it is too heavy to put away and drag out whenever I need it for a project. This Jenome is only 11 lbs and much smaller, not to mention much cuter too.

Anyway I got frustrated trying to find a specific photo of my best friend that I wanted to use and while searching for it I came across these photos of my daughter and her cousin from about 18 years ago! Since I had already done some stitching on the page, {in Donna-Style}, these pictures actually seemed to fit the page better than the photo I had been looking for. You see, the kids are sewing on a tiny old Singer sewing machine that was a toy of their grandmother's when she was a girl. My nephew is actually doing the sewing, which would make his mother proud since she is quite an accomplished seamstress and quilter. My daughter is looking on while ironing with another or Grandma's antique toys.

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Jeanne said...

e: I used to teach school years ago so whoknows, maybe this kind of thing appeals to educators.

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