Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Book of Dreams - Week 5 {Metal}

Whew, I am barely getting this submitted in time. I just realized that tomorrow is Wednesday already! That always happens to me when a holiday falls on a Monday. So this week's Book of Dreams challenge was "metal" and I thought of quite a few techniques and embellishments I could use. I seem to be intrigued by metal doo-dads as I discovered I have quite a boat-load of them stowed away! Anyway, the inspiration for this page came from the metal molding strip from Making Memories that I used on the right hand page. I bought it eons ago and never used it. {I hate to admit it, but I can say that about quite a few things that I have purchased!} Then I wanted to use up some paper scraps that I had lying around from other projects, so I created a patchwork background on the page. After piecing the papers together, I covered them with a white glaze to soften the colors. I then made a packing tape transfer of a mother holding her child and framed it with a metal frame. I created the left-hand page last {I seem to do that alot} and the patchwork background reminded me of my grandmother's quilts from my childhood. So I decided to go with the "Childhood Dreams" theme by listing the dreams on a piece of paper torn out of a small spiral notebook. I distressed the paper and layered it on top of a photograph of a collage I made a while back with myself as the subject. I finished the page off with some metal corners, paper flowers with metal brad centers and beads strung on various fibers.


Sharon Tomlinson said...

These are beautiful pages. I just love your soft colors and thanks for telling us how you did that. I agree it does look like fabric patchwork.

Jeanne said...

Thanks Norah. I checked out your pages and think they are pretty cool too!

Kari said...

Just beautiful! Your book is absolutely gorgeous. I love your theme, the papers and colors you use and the use of metal on this one. Very inspiring!!

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Love it! The silver of the metal works really well with these colours, I think. I love how the lined paper is pink :)

Maggie Lamarre said...

Your book is beautiful I luv the colurs.
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Have a great week,

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