Friday, March 21, 2008

All Done!

Ta-da! I have reached the end of Rhonna's 21 Day Challenge and my journal is finished. I am proud that I stuck with it till the end and hopefully my goal of thinking positively will continue on into the future. Reading A New Earth in conjunction with writing this journal has definitely been the added boost I needed to reaching my goal.
It feels good to have accomplished this, especially in the midst of working on swaps, special orders and Easter preparations. It's important to make time to do something for ourselves once in a while. As wives, mothers, daughters, friends, employees, etc. we tend to give and give to other people all the time. But what is left to give, unless we take a break to refill the well every now and then.
My journal is complete. My pages are finished and have been added to the binding. I always love the way a completed journal looks in the end. It's the same feeling I got when I finished a big project back when I was in school. (Back in the dark ages, as I tell my daughter!) If you'd like to see the entire journal, click here.This is the fourth 21 Day Challenge that I have completed and I feel I have grown as a person with each and every page. It's exciting to look back at these journals to see just how far I have come.

Today is Day 10 of our Hippity Hop Easter Swap and this gift is from Beth. She wrapped her present in this lovely swatch of ivory lace with a hint of what's inside peeking out of the top.And look! It's a tube full of SPRING topped off with the most darling pale yellow chick (he looks vintage to me) donning a royal crown made from a page right out of an old book. Of course there is glass glitter and vintage posies too. I adore it! Thank you Beth!!! :) In case you forgot, there are 4 other groups exchanging gifts in this swap and you can see pics of all of them by clicking here.


Kari said...

You are really on top of things. Your journal is absolutely STUNNING!!!! Way to go for sticking with it. I'm behind, but *will* catch up:) Your pages are really amazing!!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Yaay!!! Congratulations for finishing your journal. The finished product is Fa-bu-lous :)

Alison Gibbs said...

Congratulations on the journal. To have completed the challenge at such a busy time is great.
Love the colors in the journal
Happy Easter

Rhonna said...

You are so amazing!! your journal is sooooooo beautiful, and you got through another challenge! thanks so much for participating!

Jessi Nagy said...

your journal looks great!!
so do all the treats you've been getting from the hip hop swap.
this was a fun one!!!
have a happy easter!

Unknown said...

I love your pages!!!! Isn't the Hippity Swap fun?!?! I'm still waiting for my package-can't wait! Happy Easter!


dianna said...

Always so beautiful Jeanne*!*

m i c h e l l e said...

Congratulations on finishing your (gulp!) FOURTH 21 Day Challenge! That deserves a round of applause! And oh they are SO gorgeous too! Great work, Jeanne!!!

Mercedes said...

Congratulations for your beautiful journal finished!. Mine is stopped with holidays and come back to it this week .

Jennifer said...

your journal is awesome. thanks for sharing it. it looks like you had fun. going to do a new one soon?

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