Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey, Don't I Know You?

Yesterday while I was out running errands, I picked up a copy of the new Spring issue of Somerset Life (and Somerset Workshop and Memories too). As I flipped through the pages, I was amazed at how many bloggers I found inside. These are blogs that I visit on a regular basis and feel as if I "know" the artists because we have commented back and forth from time to time. It used to be when I looked at a copy of Someset Studios I would marvel and drool over the beautiful works of art. But the names of the artists were only familiar to me from the magazine iteself. Nowadays, it is a rare occasion when I read any of the Stampington Publications and don't find a blogging friend I "know" featured inside. As the song goes, "The times - they are a changing." To illustrate my point, below are some my favorite artists who are features in the current issue of Someset Life, starting with the cover which features Marilyn Healey's vintage bottle of pixie glitter.

Jenny Holiday - Everyday is a Holiday

Andrea Singarella - Velvet Strawberries

Tammy Gilley - Tammy Gilley Studios

Delila Jamaiel - Sepia Art Studio

Susan Tuttle - Ilka's Attic

Tracy Scheurer - Junk 2 Jewels

Julie Collings - Blue Girl XO

Kaari Meng - French General

Karla Nathan - Karla's Cottage

Melissa McCobb Hubbell - Garden of Pink Shadows

Heather Bullard - Present Past Collection

I'm in the mood for a GIVEAWAY, so be sure to check back here on Friday for details! Oh and don't forget - tomorrow is Karla and Beth's Bling Your Birdhouse Party. I'll show you the little birdy abodes I've been working on.


PJ said...

Isn't that neat? I think it's a matter of time that YOU will be in there, too!

Dede Warren said...

Jeanne, you're so right! I feel the same when when I pick up Romantic Homes, Romantic Country, and other magazines as well. I almost thought, do I really even need to buy this... I have read these blogs for the past year already! I use to think magazines caught me up on the latest, now I am rethinking that as well.

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