Monday, March 10, 2008

Catching Up

I went shoe shopping with my daughter on Saturday after doing laundry and working on a couple swaps I needed to get in the mail. Glad I got those done BEFORE we went shopping, because we were gone all day! Of course we had lunch and ran a few other errands, but most of our time was spend hunting down this particular pair of New Balance shoes in her size. I just love the yummy colors - taupe and pale aqua blue - but the swirls are the best part, don't you agree? I thought of getting a pair for myself, but they didn't look quite as fabulous on my feet as they did on hers :(
Did some catch-up work on my 21 Day journal pages. Kept them pretty simple and basic. Here's Days 8 - 10.
I changed the colors up a tiny bit by adding some greens and browns. Still staying on track with my goal of keeping positive. Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth is helping me with that as well, by teaching me to stay in the present instead of focusing on the "running commentary" in my head.
Also put together this title page for the journal using Rhonna's challenge graphic.

I found this neat idea last week on Rebecca Sower's blog (love her). She suggested picking one day to Disconnect. I like that and think I may try it myself one day soon. Somedays I find myself too attached to this computer and a day without anything electric sounds rather delightful!

I think the crud that I have is just another bad cold. It is much better than it was. Thank you all for your "feel better" wishes - I think they really helped!


Alison Gibbs said...

Jeanne what cute shoes your daughter got. Love the swirls!!
Your journal looks fabulous.

Mercedes said...

Hey, Jeanne guess what, finally I joined to the 21 Challenge and working right now. Loveeeee you nice pages, also so inpiring. I just was thinking to the the same cover for my notebook.!! I´m using drawing papers that I cut in the middle, later I will see how I did the binding. Maybe like my last altered book.

Anonymous said...

Your journal looks fantastic! I would love to do something like this but I am afraid altered art doesnt come as naturally to me!!
Enjoy the rest of the challenge, I look forward to seeing more!

melissa mccobb hubbell said...

Those shoes are great! And i've really been loving your 21 Day journal pages...


Sarah said...

Hey...what is the Queens Tea Swap?

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