Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Time!

The gifts have arrived for The Hippity Hop Swap that Heather is hosting. A BIG heartfelt hug goes out to Heather for packing and shipping all these gifts out. I believe are 60 people in the swap, with each participant sending in 12 gifts - that's 720 gifts altogether! Yikes! It is good that she had Donna, Tamy and Shosh assisting her in this huge undertaking. THANKS LADIES!
I am in the pink group - the swap was so big it had to be broken down into smaller groups! Day #1 in my group belongs to the one and only Miss Holly Doodle.
Holly created this precious little nest with a sweet bird and eggs. It looks all vintage-y and yummy, but then all of Miss Holly's creations are that way. Thank you SO much Holly! I LOVE IT! Everyone from all 5 groups will be posting their gifts for you to see on the Hippity Hop Swap Flickr page here.

I am still continuing to work on my 21 Day Journal pages. If you want to see the lastest pages click here.

And you can still vote for my daughter's Beagle in Bissell's Most Valuable Pet Contest through Monday, March 17th by clicking here.


Jessi Nagy said...

oohh la la i love your #1.
so cute!!!

Michele said...

I love this swap...and I love seeing what all the other groups are gettin' to open....your first one is so darling!!
Michele :)

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what a fun swap such sweet gifts

dianna said...

how fun~can't wait to see more*!*

Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

Oh hey, you can open up to gift 3 today.. We started late but need to end the 23rd :)

LOVE Holly's nests!!
2 weeks journaling.. wow, we're doing it!! said...

I've swapped with Holly before, she makes the prettiest things!

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