Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hippity-Hop Days 7 and 9

Happy First Day of Spring! It is a beautiful day here in the midwest even though it is only 45 degrees. But the sun is shining, which is somewhat of a rarity here lately, so we can't complain. However, we are under a winter storm warning right now as they are predicting 4 -10 inches of snow overnight. Isn't that crazy? This has been a l-o-n-g winter and most of us are sick and tired of looking at snow. The Easter bunny may be wearing his snow boots when he comes to deliver the baskets on Sunday.

Okay, on to a brighter topic. . .Isn't this the most clever wrapping for a swap gift? Donna made it and it just arrived. I couldn't wait to see what was inside, but I had to be careful to preserve that cute gift wrap.

And here it is. . .in all it's Easter Glory! Donna told us she was worried about the colors, but I think they are festive and fun! Afterall, what is Easter without lots of different colored eggs and jellybeans? I think it is GREAT! Thank you Donna!!!
Today's gift is from sweet Debra and she wrapped it in this delicate rose tissue paper...I'm saving this also to use on a future collage. I can't throw anything away! LOL!!!
And just look at all the goodies that she sent! The angel-bunny-girl on the left is the actual gift and it is an ornament which will look great on my Easter tree. She sort of reminds me of the pin that Martha made here. I love that Debra sent extra faces so we can play around and maybe make our own creation. Thanks Debra!!Only 2 more days left in the 21 Day challenge, but I didn't have time to journal today. Maybe I'll get to it later tonight. It's been fun working on this challenge and I want to continue it since I am on a roll now. I'd like to start a new art journal after Easter, where I can experiment and play around with new techniques, colors, mediums, etc.

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These are quite fun!

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