Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Book of Dreams {Pop-Up Page}

Here's another page from my Book of Dreams that I finished this morning. I had saved this movie marquee from a magazine advertisement for Lincoln Automobiles knowing that it would be great to use in my BOD. Of course it was the phrase on the marquee that caught my eye - "You're the writer, director, and producer of your dreams." Awesome quote! Anyway, I was trying to figure out how to get it to fit on the page and it suddenly dawned on me that it will have to span across two pages. Okay, sounds great, but it still was too large. I really didn't want to cut it down and lose the side panels of the marquee. I thought of scanning it and shrinking it down to a size that would fit but that just seemed like too much trouble. Then it hit me....make a pop-up page out of it. And Voila! Here it is! Before attaching the pop-up to the layout, I covered the pages with a glaze of Golden Titanium Buff so the text from the book would show through a little bit. Then I stamped two different sized stars with gold pigment ink all over the pages. And finally I inked the edges of the pages with two shades of blue pigment ink. Fortunately I saved the entire ad from the magazine because I noticed that the words used in the small print would make a great addition to the page. It is a little hard to read in this photo, so here is what it says:
"The script is entirely up to you. Wherever it takes you. Celebrate your achievements and reward your success. Then it's on to the next episode. Life' calling. What to next?"
I also worked on a page of my HeART Journal last night, but I am not happy with it yet. Thought I would sleep on it and see if I would wake up with some divine inspiration about it, but so far nothing. I still need to fuss with it a little more and maybe that will spark some great idea. Stay tuned!

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Lilli in Vancouver said...

Great pop-up idea!

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