Sunday, July 23, 2006

Goodbye Sweet Bootsy

Today is a sad day at our house. One of our kitties, Bootsy, passed away this morning. He and his brother, Midnight {see picture below} came to live with us 13 years ago when my husband found them abandoned in 100 degree weather lying on hot asphalt pavement near a loading dock. Boosty was the smaller of the brothers, but he was always the louder and more rambunctious of the two. The two cats were very close and slept curled up together every night. When my husband first brought them home they were newborns and didn't know how to eat or drink from a bowl. They were so young we had to feed them kitten formula out of tiny bottles. This was quite an experience for our, then 10 year old, daughter who had always dreamed of having a kitten. When we took them to the vet I remember reading a brochure in the waiting room which said that a very high percentage of kittens who are abandoned by their mothers do not survive. My heart sank when I read that passage and I vowed to myself that Bootsy and Midnight were not going to be one of those statistics. So we nursed them, fed them, taught them how to eat from bowls, use the litter box, etc. And they survived. Until today. Bootsy had become frail and sickly and had lost most of his muscle-tone in the past few months. The vet said that it is just a matter of time. Last night he was still a bit frisky and excited to see his dish of food put on the floor. But this morning his little body just gave out and he left this world curled up in his little bed and very much as peace. We will miss you Bootsy. And so will your brother Midnight.


Anonymous said...

Jeanne, I'm so sorry to hear that. My 8-year-old cat passed away a year ago and I know this hurts so much. I'm sending you lots of positive thoughts and hope you'll always remember your good moments with Bootsy. :)

PJ said...

Oh what a wonderful story about Bootsy..I'm soooo sorry for your loss...that cat was SO blessed to have your love...indeed I'm sure Bootsy was very much at peace :)

Jeanne said...

Paula and PJ, thanks for your comments about Bootsy. We are really missing him today...especially Midnight. Yesterday it didn't seem to bother him too much, but now I think he realizes that Bootsy is gone. We are giving him extra hugs and brushings!

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