Friday, July 07, 2006

A Trip to the City {Part One}

Yesterday we went downtown to attend The Taste of Chicago, which is an annual event consisting of lots of good food and music. It is held in Grant Park, which is Chicago's version of Central Park. Grant Park stretches along the downtown area of the city between the lakefront and the skyline. If you ever visit the city, be sure to take a boat tour because the view of the city from the lake is absolutely spectacular!

Within the boundaries of Grant Park you will find a brand new park called Millinneum Park, which is Mayor Richard Daley's million dollar pride and joy.
One of the features of this park are two tall monolythic shaped fountains. Each fountain features a video taken of actual people who look at you for quite a while and slowly they begin to pout their lips and eventually a stream of water appears as if it is coming from the person's mouth. The children absolutely love this and many of them come all prepared dressed in their swimsuits to take full advantage of this feature. After the water has poured out for a while, the entire monolyth turns into a huge waterfall with water flowing down all sides from the very top. The screams and squeals of the children when this happens are sure to put a smile on even the grouchiest face! : )

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Lilli in Vancouver said...

This fountain is amazing!

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