Monday, July 10, 2006

Simply Beautiful!

We went to see Pirates of the Carribean yesterday....ahhhh! : )
The reviews weren't very good.
I didn't care.
I was only watching Johnny.
He is just way too cool!


Anonymous said...

Just boppin' around in blog land and landed on yours (you commented on allnorahsart.) Just wanted to say, I'm with ya on the Johnny thing! Always admired him (he's actually a really good actor) but after "Chocolat?" Hmmm...he is fine fine fine! :-)

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Oh yes Jeanne, he is fine. I'm getting a bit done this weekend on my HeART Journal. Anxious for you to start. But I know how it is, I've got company coming next weedend. Things will slow down for me to.
Thanks for joining me.

Jeanne said...

I put Johnny's picture on my daughter thought that was weird!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, i'm so with you on the love of johnny

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